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Kinship Care

Kids in a Visitors' Centre

What is ‘kinship care’?

A type of care and living arrangement for a child who has to live away from his or her parental home, and is cared for full-time by a member of the child’s extended family or a friend.

Often, when parents are sent to prison, their children are cared for by a grandparent, older sibling, aunt, or family friend.

The webpages below give guidance on all the kinship care options, the law and other sources of support.

Jargon and Abbreviations

Some explanations of abbreviations and jargon to help make things easier to understand.

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Legal Information

Understand the different legal options when caring for someone else’s child.

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Parental Responsibility

An explanation of the main law relating to this area; the Children Act of…

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Private Fostering

A guide to Private Fostering.

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Residence Orders

A guide to Residence Orders.

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Special Guardianship Order

An explanation of Special Guardianship Orders.

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