Pact Cymru

Pact Cymru

Pact currently have services in both Swansea and Cardiff prisons, and strong working links with community organisations. As well as running prison-based family support, community projects and catering services, Pact are also leading the development of a Welsh network of practitioners who are involved with families who might be dealing with imprisonment.

HMP Cardiff

Family Support Worker: Toni Graham
Catering Manager:

HMP Swansea

Family Support Co-ordinator: Joanne Mulcahy
Contact: 01792 485392 /

Hi, I’m Joanne and I am the Family Support Co-ordinator based at HMP Swansea. I run prison-based interventions such as family days, baby groups, parenting and relationship courses, family conferencing and Storybook Dads as well as providing one to one support for prisoners and their families.

I also run training and awareness raising sessions in the community and work closely with other services to ensure that we are working towards recognising and supporting families who are dealing with the difficult issues of imprisonment.

If you are a family member or a community agency who is interested in the services that we are providing at Swansea, or you’d like to add your organisation to the Welsh Practitioner’s Network, you are warmly welcome to get in touch using the details above.

Welsh Practitioner’s Network

Contact: Joanne in Swansea, details as above.

The Welsh Practitioner’s Network (WPN) is a virtual network of people who are involved in providing services to prisoner’s families. Individuals and organisations are welcome to join the mailing list, which is free of charge. The network holds regular workshops and events for its members to raise awareness of the issues facing families in the criminal justice system and improve knowledge in this area. We also aim to be the link between practice and policy in Wales, supporting the voice of workers and family members to have a say in decision-making processes.

If you would like to be added to the network and receive updates, please e-mail your contact details to Joanne, above.