Our Services

Find out about the wide range of innovative services Pact has pioneered to support people throughout the criminal justice system.

  • Supporting Prisoners' Children and Families

    Pact runs a range of services which are designed to support the children and families of prisoners.

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  • Supporting Prisoners

    Pact runs services inside prisons which support inmates and aim to reduce re-offending.

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  • Supporting Ex-Offenders

    Pact's Basic Caring Communities resettlement programme supports prisoners on release from prison.

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  • Supporting and Training Practitioners

    Pact has pioneered a number of training courses which can benefit a wide range of people who are involved with the criminal justice system.

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  • Supporting Volunteers

    Pact's JustPeople programme recruits, trains, and vets volunteers, and allocates them to organisations that work within the criminal justice system in Devon, Cornwall, London, Surrey, Sussex and Manchester.

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