Children & Young People's Charter

Pact teamed up with a group of children and young people, who have had a family member in prison, to ask them what changes they'd like to see in the Criminal Justice System and how we can make their voices heard. The result was 'Our Voice: the Charter for Children & Young People with a Family Member in Prison' (also known as 'Our Voice'). The young people, supported by Pact, are asking other young people, adults and organisations to make your voices heard and make real change.

How it came about

Pact, through our Prisoners' Families and Friends Service (PFFS), contacted a group of young people to ask them what they thought they needed from the criminal justice system and what they'd like other people to understand about their situations and experiences. They met up several times over the Summer. On the first day, they created a series of graffiti boards which illustrated what they'd want and how they feel, which became the underlying theme of the subsequent charter. They then met again and expanded upon each point on the graffiti boards; the specific changes needed. This became the charter, which they called 'Our Voice'. It asks for simple considerations and changes that would make the world of difference to a child/young person who is experiencing the hidden sentence.