Your generous donations are an essential part of helping us make life better for prisoners, people which convictions and their children and families. Without support like this our work would not be possible. We are grateful for every donation, no matter how small: every penny counts.

Help us support someone like David

      I am a person who spent 19 years of my life in prison. Pact gave me hope.

"My childhood was very dysfunctional. I had a really tough time growing up and it had a huge impact on my behaviour. From a young age I lost myself to a vicious cycle of drugs, alcohol and imprisonment.

After years of being in and out of prison, I managed to break the cycle in 2002. I stopped using drugs. I got out of prison and I stayed out. I turned my life around. I settled down and started to raise a family.

But in 2010 everything changed. My partner and two children were killed in a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver. I was devastated. My whole life turned upside down and I lost all hope for the future. I began to spiral out of control and eventually relapsed. I ended up back in prison, but this time, serving a much longer sentence.

When I was in prison I knew I wanted to get help. I took part in a drug rehabilitation programme and got clean. But I was worried about the future, I was worried about falling back into old habits when I got released. I knew I wanted to do better this time so I got involved with Pact. They supported me whilst I was in prison and organised for Pact volunteers to meet me at the gate when I was released. The volunteers gave me emotional and practical support which helped me stay out of prison, for good this time."

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