HMP Coldingley

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Case Study: How can Pact work with Social Services?

How can Pact work with Social Services to improve outcomes for prisoners’ children? Read Rico's story and hear how our team were able to collaborate with Social Services to support him.Read more

Rico's Story

When Rico was 12 years old his parents were arrested and sent to prison. Read Rico's story and find out how he felt, and how having a Pact Youth Worker has helped him.Read more

I wish...

Hear from children and young people who have witnessed a home raid, or a parent's arrest, and hear what they wish had been different.Read more

Why volunteer for Pact?

Find out what our volunteers have to say about us and why they love supporting prisoners, people with convictions and their families.Read more

My family member has gone to prison

Has your family member gone to prison? Find out more about what this means here.Read more

Thank you to our volunteers!

Thank you to our volunteers who gave over 24,000 hours of their time to Pact in the past year!Read more

Meet Maisie

Meet Maisie, a Mentoring Volunteer who supports people being released from prison in the Kent area.Read more

It's OK to feel...

When someone you love goes to prison it can leave you feeling lost, confused, angry and upset. We are here to help.Read more

How we can support you

From one-to-one mentoring, to youth group support, to special family visits, we provide a range of free support to young people aged 11-17 with a family member in prison.Read more

Create a Mascot for Pact!

Would you like to create a new Mascot for Pact's young people's section of the website? Find out more here!Read more