Not Just a Prisoner: Voices of Mothers in Prison

Watch our new film - 'Not Just a Prisoner', a film about mothers in prison, and hear first hand from mothers serving a prison sentence about how their imprisonment has impacted their relationships.Read more

About Prisoners' Sunday

Find out more about the history of Prisoners' Sunday and Prisons Week.Read more

CFO3 Programme

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Prisoners' Sunday Resources

Click here to download all the resources you will need to mark Prisoners' Sunday resources.Read more

Hold a Prisoners' Sunday Service

We encourage you to use our suggested liturgy and homily to mark Prisoners' Sunday.Read more

Invite us to speak at your Church or Community

We would love the opportunity to speak in your church or community about Pact's work in your area.Read more

Facilitate a collection

Enable us to support more prisoners and their families through holding a second collection in your church.Read more

Host an open discussion or prayer group

Facilitate a discussion or prayer group to help create a community of understanding and welcome.Read more

Other ways to support our work

Other ways to support prisoners and their families.Read more

HMP Swansea

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