Within My Reach

Within My Reach is a course which supports young men in prison to learn communication and conflict resolution skills, relationship decision-making strategies and relationship safety/violence prevention. Read more

Coming Home

Coming Home is a 1 day resettlement workshop which prepares prisoners for their return to the home and/or family. Read more

Time to Connect

Time to Connect is a course for imprisoned parents which focuses on the role of ‘play’ in children’s early development and the importance of positive parenting. Read more

Building Stronger Families

Building Stronger Families strengthens relationships between prisoners and their partners and ultimately reduces re-offending. Read more

Family Literacy in Prisons

The Family Literacy in Prisons (FLiP) course improves the bond between imprisoned parents and their children and increases engagement in their child’s learning and development. Read more

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a course developed for young people in prison which strengthens the relationship between the young person and their parent, carer, guardian, or any positive adult relationship which will help to improve resettlement outcomes. Read more