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April 2019

- Updated Pension Policy can be found in the Policy Directory 

March 2019

- The S Word March 2019 can be found under Services, Safeguarding or by clicking here

- New policy updates in the Policy Directory are: Access Control, Groupwork Assessment Appeals and Groupwork Internal Moderation Policy and Procedures, Intellectual Property, Data Security and Data Protection.

February 2019

- New policy updates in the Policy Directory are: Safe Driving, Information Security, Investment and Media policies

- Check out the updated Health and Safety area. We've added the revised health and safety policy and a new section on conducting risk assessments. There's also a new section on Wellbeing & Self Care. The area on Hazards has been developed with more content about driving for Pact. Do check it out!

- We've created a new section in Services called Family Services in prison. This contains the Farmer report and the new HMPS policy framework on strengthening family ties.

January 2019

- The Safety at Work Survey can be found at the bottom of this page under Pixie News

- The S Word January 2019 can be found under Services, Safeguarding or by clicking here

- We've added a new section for Guardian24 lone working devices in Health and Safety (see Guardian24 )