At Pact we use two methods of conducting DBS checks: through GBG online and through our own Registered Body status. GBG online is more expensive but is used mainly for staff, as it offers a quick turnaround. We use paper forms which we countersign ourselves for volunteers, because this route is free. The guidance in this section is about using the paper forms and the roles and responsibilities of Countersignatories.

Information booklet for Volunteers

Checking an application form

Here is a training presentation on how to check that the DBS application form has been completed correctly. We have experienced a high error rate and it is really important as an organisation we seek to reduce this. This provides really useful tips and reminders particularly relating to where errors can easily occur.

As detailed about the beginning of the presentation, it is best to press f5 to start the presentation.

Continuation sheets, guidance for applicants and other information can be downloaded from the DBS website

Checking identity

There have been new guidelines issued for checking identity documents, which all Countersignatories must familiarise themselves with:

ID checking guidelines for DBS check applications

Other guidance

For the latest news, and for further guidance about the DBS application process, please follow this link to the Government website:  Disclosure and Barring Service