We offer a variety of relationship, parenting education and family learning courses for delivery in prisons and in the community. Our programmes enable people affected by imprisonment to improve their personal resilience, empathy and communication skills, and to strengthen key family relationships, which are critical to successful resettlement and rehabilitation.

We challenge, enable and inspire participants to focus on their responsibilities towards their families, and to be motivated to live pro-social, crime free lives. Our model has been independently evaluated and is found to reduce the risk of re-offending. We are an Approved SFJ Awards Centre (Skills for Justice) and a number of our programmes are ALP accredited.

Adapting courses to your needs

Our courses are all modular and we can combine some courses or individual modules to create bespoke courses to meet specific requirements. We can also deliver part courses or specific modules on a stand-alone basis – for example to prisoners who have already taken parenting courses as part of their sentence or who need quick support pre-release.

Resource Requirements

Pact can provide all the training resources required for the course. Courses required either one or two facilitators, depending on the size of the group and other factors. In some prisons where we have an ongoing presence, prisoners can be selected and trained to provide peer support, as Pact Peers or Family Champions. Where staffing levels permit, we welcome opportunities to involve prison staff as co-facilitators. Our staff can in most cases handle all aspects of recruiting course participants. The only resources we normally require from the prison is a suitable venue, the provision of lunch where appropriate, and the support of Security and Offender Management units for screening and advising on participant suitability and ensuring clearance for family members where required.


Further details on all our courses can be found here.

Our courses are evidence-based, tried and tested in all categories of men’s prisons as well as within the women’s and youth estate. Our courses draw on 30 years of research and development. We work closely with leading academics and universities in the UK and United States. Facilitators are vetted, carefully selected and quality assured.