We spoke with children and young people who witnessed a home raid, their parent's arrest and who have a parent in prison. Here are some of the small things they wished had been different so that this experience was less frightening and confusing.

"I wish that the police would have done things differently to make it less scary and confusing for me and my sister."

"I wish that the police would have been calmer when they came into our house, that they didn’t shout."

"I wish that the police would have explained to us what was going to happen next."

"I wish the police could have left us with some information about where they were taking my Dad."

"I wish that I didn’t have to tidy up all the mess the police made in my bedroom and house."

"I wish that Mum took us to a café after school, with a female police officer in plain clothes so they both could explain what was going on and we could ask questions. Also they could phone the female officer when they had finished so we could go home and not see what was happening."

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