Meet Alice, one of our Central Office volunteers.

There is always something to do and you'll meet some amazing people on the way.

"I started volunteering with Pact's social media and volunteering departments in my final year of university. I didn’t know where I wanted to be career wise yet, but I knew I wanted to build my skills in social media in a place that was meaningful to me.

I chose Pact because of the amazing work they do: they offer support for everyone who is affected by the criminal justice system – prisoners and their mothers, fathers, spouses, children etc. (not to mention the rehabilitation programs they offer!) - and I think that is a level of care that is overlooked by most. I feel so lucky to be able to volunteer for an organisation that advocates for all the people affected by the criminal justice system.

My passion for rehabilitation and criminal justice has grown tenfold during my time at Pact as I am constantly learning about the struggles people face in/when leaving prison. I feel incredibly fulfilled being able to help support a cause like this.

Being able to build my knowledge of the workplace with a charity like Pact has been amazing as I get to complete a vast range of tasks that are all different and fun. I feel so supported by other members of my team who are always there to give me advice and encouragement when I need it. I couldn’t imagine a better organisation to work with!

I would definitely recommend volunteering at Pact to anyone considering it. The lively atmosphere is amazing, there is always something to do and you’ll meet some amazing people on the way."

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If you want to find out more about Alice's role or if you have any questions about volunteering with Pact, get in touch with us on [email protected].