Working with Pact has been both a challenging and very rewarding experience. I became involved in the City Bridges project when I moved to London around two years ago. Whilst I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, I was drawn to volunteering with the charity as I felt it combined my interests in pro bono work, criminal law and the prison system within the context of helping people in some small way to get their lives back on track following very personal experiences of the justice system.

As a law student, I have been particularly interested by the diversity of legal issues that are often involved in helping women to reintegrate into society following their release from prison. In this sense, my work with Pact has enriched my own experiences and knowledge in a way that I perhaps didn’t expect before joining the project. In addition, having personal interactions with the women I have been fortunate enough to work with has also helped me to develop in myself and significantly widened my awareness of the very difficult and sensitive issues women in such a position can face.