Michael had spent most of his adult life in and out of prison. He had first ended up in the criminal justice system when he was a teenager, and with no family to turn to for support and stability, he had never managed to turn his life around.

When Michael was sent back to prison a year ago his life had changed – during his time outside he had become a father and now had a baby daughter. With a two year sentence ahead of him and facing the prospect of missing out on key moments of his child’s life, he was determined that he would not lose his relationship with his daughter and that this would be the last time he went to prison.

During Michael’s first week he met with Janet, a Pact Family Engagement Worker in the prison. He talked to her about how he could keep in touch with his daughter and continue to build a positive relationship with her.

Janet signed Michael up for Pact’s Time to Connect parenting course, which teaches parents about the role of play in their child’s early development and enables them to bond in an interactive, extended child-centred visit. Michael enjoyed the course so much, and the opportunity it gave him to spend quality time with his daughter, that since then he has attended all of Pact’s parenting and relationship courses.

Today, Michael is a member of the Dad’s Council and is supporting other prisoners to access Pact’s parenting and relationship courses. He works alongside Janet, co-delivering sessions including the Father and Baby Group and the Family Literacy in Prisons course. His relationship with his daughter has gone from strength to strength and has given him the hope and the determination he needed to stay on the right path. Michael looks forward to continuing to be a positive role model and a father when he is released.