What is Pact Futures?

In 2015, Pact created Pact Futures CIC, as a wholly owned but independently governed subsidiary community interest company. It’s a company with a charitable heart and a business brain, and we are looking to strengthen our non-Executive Board of Directors.

Pact Futures provides the chance of a fresh start to people affected by imprisonment. Pact Futures has identical charitable aims to Pact, but is governed by its own Board of Directors. It was established to bid for and deliver high performing contracts for public services, some of which might require capital investment, or carry some element of commercial risk, including ‘payment by results’ contracts let by the Government via private sector prime contractors.

Within just over a year of our foundation, Pact Futures has won a number of contracts, and is now delivering about £1M worth of services to make a difference to the lives of people with convictions, including women and men leaving prison, and people on community orders who want to avoid a prison sentence. We now have ambitions to grow further and a vacancy has arisen on our Board of Directors. We are seeking the right person to join us.

The Role

We are now looking for a Non-Executive Director to join our team. This is an unpaid voluntary role. Being a Pact Futures Director means ensuring good governance and development of the company, strategic oversight and direction.

We have a strong and effective senior staff team led by our Managing Director, Ellen Green, and supported by our Group CEO, Andy Keen- Downs. We are backed by the main Board of Pact, and have clear lines of communication and positive relationships. We are not trustees. Our role, as voluntary, non-Executive members of the Pact Futures Board, is the business end. We are driving the growth for Pact Group in the emerging competitive marketplace of criminal justice services in the UK.

We provide support, ask the right questions, and challenge constructively. We use our networks and knowledge to support the company’s development. We ensure that Pact Futures is on track to achieve its ambition to grow, that we are performing, delivering good outcomes, and that we are financially sound. And of course, whilst focusing on opportunity, we also need to have a good grasp of the risks, and effective plans in place to manage them. We want to make the best use of opportunities to support more people in ever more effective ways, in what is clearly one of the most challenging environments in which to work, and a sector that is never out of the news, and usually for the wrong reasons.

What does it involve? 

This isn't just about attending meetings, although meetings are very important. Directors are not expected to always have all the answers, but one of the most valuable things a Director can do is to be available to provide occasional advice, guidance or information to colleagues on the Board, the Managing Director, and other senior staff. As a lean company, with charitable aims, we are also constantly on the look-out for pro bono support, introductions, and ways of building our networks.

The Board meets six times a year. Most meetings take place between 6.00 – 8.30 pm at our central office in South London. Twice a year, we meet with the Pact Trustees, to review performance and strategy. This is usually between 10.00 am– 4.00pm. Directors are expected to attend most meetings and of course to read the papers which are sent out in advance. The information is quite comprehensive, so typically there might be 2-3 hours of reading time per meeting.

Most years, Pact Group holds one or more events to bring together our staff, volunteers and service users. We also hold occasional conferences, launches and events. Directors are invited to most of these events but attendance is not a formal requirement of the role as we recognise that people may have families, jobs and other commitments.

There is no fixed or minimum term, but we are seeking a Director who will be willing and able to commit to serving for at least 3 years.

To find out more about the role you can download the full role description here. If you would like to apply or speak with us more about the role, contact [email protected] with an expression of interest.