Do you live in London? Could you volunteer your time to support prisoners, people with convictions and their families? We have a number of volunteering opportunities available, including:


Provide support to defendant's families and friends during a trial or sentencing - we are looking for volunteer who can give their time across London Magistrate and Crown Courts. Find out more about our Courts service.


Could you offer support someone who has been affected by the imprisonment of a loved one? We are looking for volunteers in London who can provide support via telephone to those affected across England and Wales. Find out more about our Befriending service.


Do you live in the South East London area? Are you able to spare 4 hours a week? If so, we’d love to hear from you! We are looking for volunteers to help us deliver our national Helpline project, which supports anyone affected by imprisonment in England and Wales. Find out more about our Helpline.

To find out more please contact [email protected]. To hear why our volunteers support our work, please click here