Now you may be wondering why the new intranet has been called Pixie. Well, it all stems from a meeting at Cafod, the Catholic overseas development charity. In their offices, they had lots of posters up saying “check it out on the COW!” This got us wondering… the COW…ah, ”Cafod On the Web”. We’ve been using “Pact Intranet”, but let’s face it, it’s a bit dreary. This got us thinking, should we go for POW (Pact on the Web)? It’s a bit too copycat and conjures up images of 1960s Batman images. And then we excelled ourselves and came up with an even drearier name: Pact Information Xchange Intranet Environment…PIXIE for short!

Last summer at the Big Get Together, we asked you to complete a questionnaire about how you like to receive information, and what you use the intranet for. A lot of you told us you like to use it as a library,  a place to come and look for relevant up-to-date information about how we do things. Taking this on board, we have tried to store information in a logical order putting policy, guidance and forms together in one place.  If you can’t find it, start with the section called “Important Pact Stuff”!

We know this is not yet the finished article. Pixie will evolve as we use it. We want it to be useful to you. We will definitely be growing the resources available, and your feedback on what you think is missing will be really useful. Wouldn’t it be great if we had play and homework club resources in one place that everyone can access? Or a knowledge bank of information on issues that you may face in your role…domestic violence, working with sex offenders, drug and alcohol awareness and so on?

Pixie is the only place in Pact where every member of staff can come to. If you can’t access it in your prison or workplace, it may be because the site has to be on an approved site list.  Ask your line manager for support, or put in a request to the relevant senior member of staff onsite. I hope we can make it into a place where every member of staff wants to come…to find information, to learn, and to share news and views.