Do you have experience of a family member taking one of the new so-called 'legal highs' - such as Spice or Black Mamba? Have you tried it yourself? What can you tell others about the effects?

Pact wants to raise awareness of the reality of these products particularly with the families of people in prison, some of whom might be asked by their imprisoned relative to bring some in for them.

Are you willing to share your story? We are looking for short pieces to publish on our website, to raise awareness.  I will keep your identity confidential, if that is what you want, and delete your email address after receiving your email.

Please keep your piece to under 300 words and title your email 'The Truth about Legal Highs'.  Please state whether you would like to be anonymous or have the piece published in your real name.

Make a difference. Share the truth. Write to me, Andy Keen-Downs, at [email protected].