Time to Connect builds confidence and improves parenting skills, and the quality of relationships between parent and child with the aim of reducing the likelihood of re-offending by strengthening family ties.

The course consists of a two day workshop that covers topics including:

  • The impact of imprisonment on children and risk of inter-generational offending
  • The importance of keeping connected
  • How to be a good parent and the role of a good father/mother
  • The role of play in children’s early development

After the workshop, Pact facilitates a child-centred visit which is planned by the prisoners as part of the second day of the workshop, giving them the opportunity to put the learning into practice. We provide follow up support to prisoners to consolidate their learning, reflect on the visits that have taken place since the course, and look at the importance of creating positive memories.  

The statistics have shocked me. I would never want my son to follow in my footsteps and make the same mistakes as me. I need to make sure he isn’t just another number.

Quote from a prisoner who participated in the course.

Quality Standards

This course has secured accreditation under the SFJ Awards ALP* quality assurance framework (*Accrediting Learning Professionally).