In some areas, we provide support to people leaving prison and resettling back into the community who are not already in receipt of mentoring support. We can support people at one of their most vulnerable points, in order to:

  • Make communities safer.
  • Reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
  • Improve the chances for people leaving prison to resettle into the community.

Our mentors provide support to those who demonstrate particular vulnerabilities in relation to any of the following:

  • Of No Fixed Abode (NFA).
  • Substance misuse issues.
  • Significant mental or physical health issues.
  • Support around childcare and family issues.
  • Any other vulnerability that impacts on their ability to return home from custody and resettle.
  • Pose a significant risk of harm to themselves or others without intensive resettlement support on release from custody.

Typically, participants who are in the last 6-12 weeks of their sentence are referred to our Mentor Coordinator in the region. The Through the Gate Service is a flexible offer, but as a minimum the Mentor will arrange to meet the service user whilst they are still in prison and explain the service, approximately 2 weeks prior to release. 

On the day of release, the Mentor will meet the service user at the prison gate, and escort them to initial appointments with the Offender Manager and other support agencies if needed. Mentors are then able to offer several follow-up meetings to provide further support where required. 

Pact's support is designed to be short-term, high-need support for the immediate transition between custody and the community. Those requiring longer-term mentoring are referred to other community organisations for further support where possible.

Gender Sensitive Service

We have specialist expertise working with women and can provide mentoring support for people who demonstrate particular vulnerabilities in relation to:

  • Domestic abuse.
  • Risk of sexual exploitation.
  • Support around childcare and family issues.

Intensive Mentoring Service

We also offer an Intensive Mentoring Service, Basic Caring Communities, for people leaving prison who need extra support. We provide groups of volunteers who give daily support to an ex-prisoner, helping him or her to find their feet in the community in the first crucial months after release.

The groups provide a network of support, giving practical and emotional support through daily phone calls and weekly meetings for 3 months after release.

Pact can provide paid and volunteer mentoring services for men and women in the community who are under licence or through the Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. These services work alongside Responsible Officers to ensure the more vulnerable individuals have the time spent to overcome often complex problems. Our staff and volunteer teams provide more intensive one to one support to the service user to stabilise their circumstances, help engage with their community, and to proactively plan for the future. This includes support across all the pathways with a particular focus on building/maintaining relationships, accommodation, seeking support where there has been domestic violence and engagement with drug and alcohol services.