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Join a vibrant community of Pact supporters who share common values and a desire to help prisoners, people with convictions, and their families make a fresh start.
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Our Catholic Christian values 

Pact is the national Catholic prisons charity, having been founded in 1898 as the Catholic Prisoners' Aid Society. We work in prisons and communities across England and Wales. 

We believe in the innate worth and dignity of every human being, and in walking alongside those affected by imprisonment, for whom life may be unbearably difficult but who are nevertheless part of 'us'. We believe in the value of listening to those among us who have lived experience of the criminal justice system and ensuring that those voices shape change in Pact, in the justice system and in parishes. 

This work is a direct expression of our discipleship and a very concrete expression of our desire to serve the Lord in those who are most vulnerable.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols - Pact President

Ways to 'visit' those in prison

  • Become a Pact Parish Rep and share news and information from Pact. Keep the people we serve in the hearts and minds of people in your parish
  • Mark Prisoners' Sunday in October each year
  • Sign up to receive our free Fresh Start newsletter. Fresh Start keeps you in touch with our work and the experiences of the people we serve.
  • Get involved in Pact's Christmas gift appeal, Operation Elf, which supports parents in prison to give a gift to their child. We would love to hear from more parishes interested in partnering with Pact staff in a nearby prison.
  • Reflect more deeply on Catholic Social Teaching and the Common Good through the lens of the criminal justice system. At our JustPeople workshops, you can meet with others in person or online and do this together.
  • Volunteer with Pact. We offer full training and support and have roles available in prisons, Visitors' Centres and in the community.
  • Support Pact's work financially through a one-off or regular donation or by leaving a legacy gift.
  • Prayer can transform lives and intractable situations. Include prisoners, people with convictions and their families in the prayer life of your parish or group.

Your efforts, thoughts and prayers mean a lot to prisoners and their families.