Trusts & foundations

Right now, trusts and foundations are helping Pact to create stronger families, safer communities, and a more effective justice system across England and Wales.
Trusts And Foundations

Support from charitable trusts and foundations

Pact receives incredible, transformative funding for its work with prisoners and their families from a range of trusts and foundations.  

Their investment helps us to innovate and co-create solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing prisoners, their families, and children. As a direct result of trust and foundation support, we have been able to break down barriers that prevent thousands of people from making a fresh start each year.  

We receive unrestricted gifts from trusts and foundations that allow us to direct funding to where it’s most needed. We also receive restricted gifts to be used towards specific projects. 

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What our trust funders say about us

"Pact gives prisoners the support they need to make a fresh start and supports the families who are left behind when their loved ones go to prison. We’re delighted to help fund their pioneering work to create brighter futures for prisoners and their families."

Grants Manager, Benefact Trust

"We are committed to supporting the welfare and wellbeing of children throughout Wales, so we are delighted to be able to help Pact to care for those affected by the imprisonment of a parent or loved one."

Chair of Trustees, Moondance Foundation

Our ambition is to sustain and build new partnerships with trusts and foundations to achieve four key goals.

Provide early-intervention support for defendants’ families in the courts
Care for children and young people affected by a prison sentence
Meet the immediate, practical needs of people leaving prison
Put family and relationships at the heart of the criminal justice system

Trusts & foundations that support Pact

We would like to acknowledge all the charitable trusts and foundations who have supported our work this year, including those who wish to remain anonymous. Their contribution to our work is tremendous and hugely valued. 

  • 1772 Charity (Debtors’ Relief Funds Charity)
  • 29th May 1961 Charitable Trust
  • Albert Hunt Trust
  • Alice Ellen Cooper-Dean Charitable Foundation
  • Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust
  • Barrow Cadbury Trust 
  • BBC Children In Need
  • Bell Foundation
  • Belpech Trust
  • Benefact Trust
  • Casa Stella Trust
  • Charlotte Marshall Charitable Trust
  • Cheshire Community Foundation
  • CHK Foundation
  • City Bridge Trust
  • Clinks & Criminal Justice Wales
  • Clun Charitable Trust
  • Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust 
  • Comic Relief
  • Community Foundation for Surrey
  • David Isaacs Fund
  • Drapers' Charitable Fund
  • Edith Bessie Gibson Trust
  • Edith Murphy Foundation
  • Edward & Dorothy Cadbury Trust
  • Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust
  • Esmée Fairbairn Foundation 
  • Eveson Trust
  • Florence Turner Trust
  • Forest Hill Charitable Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Give for Good Russell Family Charitable Trust
  • Grantham Yorke Trust
  • Hadley Trust
  • Hanley Trust
  • Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation
  • Helen Jean Cope Charity
  • Hobson Charity
  • Inner London Magistrates Court's Poor Box Charity 
  • Jeanne Marie Gunn Trust 
  • Jerusalem Trust 
  • John Lyon's Charity 
  • Jones 1986 Charitable Trust
  • Lawson Trust
  • Leigh Trust
  • Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation
  • London Catalyst Fund
  • London Housing Foundation
  • Marcella and Claude Digby Charitable Trust
  • Marsh Charitable Trust
  • Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust
  • Michael & Shirley Hunt Charitable Trust 
  • Michael Marsh Charitable Trust
  • Moondance Foundation 
  • National Lottery Community Fund 
  • Oakdale Trust 
  • Our Lady of Fatima Trust 
  • Passionists
  • Rayne Foundation
  • Redbreast Trust
  • Rhododendron Trust 
  • ShareGift (Orr Mackintosh Foundation Ltd) 
  • Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund 
  • Simon Gibson Charitable Trust
  • Simpson Foundation 
  • Sir Halley Stewart Trust
  • Sir Harold Hood's Charitable Trust 
  • Sir James Reckitt Charity
  • Sir James Roll Charitable Trust 
  • Sir Pierce Lacy Charity Trust
  • Sisters of the Holy Cross Charitable Trust
  • Sisters of St Joseph of Peace
  • Smallwood Trust 
  • Souter Charitable Trust
  • Swire Charitable Trust 
  • Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust 
  • Treebeard Trust
  • Tudor Trust 
  • Vintners’ Charity
  • Volant Charitable Trust
  • Voluntary Solidarity Fund International 
  • Westhill
  • White Oak Charitable Trust 
  • Woodhaven Trust 
  • Zochonis Charitable Trust