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Support people in prison and their families

Together, we can ensure every person affected by imprisonment is able to make a fresh start.

Family is the single biggest factor affecting reoffending. People in prison who receive visits from loved ones areĀ 39% less likely to reoffend.

Why Support 5050

Why support Pact?

Family and relationships have the single biggest impact on reoffending. People in prison who maintain and strengthen family bonds are 39% less likely to commit further crimes.

We all want to live in a safer society. Everyone wants to see crime rates drop and to feel safer on our streets and in our homes. Supporting people to make a fresh start builds stronger families and makes safer communities.

People being released from prison need three things to succeed:

  • somewhere to live;
  • something to do;
  • and someone to love.

Find out how we support people to make a fresh start and why it matters.

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