Alastair is a qualified accountant having worked for Arthur Andersen for 12 years. He then spent 10 years in various senior financial roles with Berisford International plc, a London listed conglomerate. This included 3 years in New York managing mergers and acquisitions and as CFO of the North American operations. This was followed by a further 10 years with SDL plc as CFO of this technology based translation business. He managed the Initial Public Offering in 1999 and a number of strategic acquisitions before stepping down in 2008. He subsequently held a number of non-executive directorships including Chairman of Plus500 plc, floated in 2013.

As part of his involvement with SDL, Alastair helped establish the SDL Foundation to support small structural and sustainable charities, and Alastair chaired the Trustees board through 2017. The main objective of the Foundation was supporting early stage income generating schemes or education and vocational programs that lead to the participants being able to generate income and support their families. The Foundation was available to the SDL offices in some 40 countries and was specifically orientated to projects where the SDL employees were involved in giving their time and/or applying their personal skill sets to the benefit of the recipient organisations.