Your family member will first go to a “Magistrates Court”. There is no jury here – instead the case will usually be decided by 2 or 3 “magistrates”, who are trained volunteers. Sometimes it will be decided by one judge.

Sometimes after the Magistrates Court, your family member may have to also go to the “Crown Court”. Here there is both a judge and a jury. The jury is made up of 12 ordinary people who will decide if they think your family member broke the law. If they decide that they did, then the judge will decide the punishment for this.

If you are older than 14, you can go into the court room. If you are under 14, you are not normally allowed in, but sometimes the judge will allow it. If you go to court, you are not allowed to bring a camera in. Your mobile phone must be switched off and should not be used. You are also not allowed to bring food and drink into the court room.