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An opportunity to feed back to Pact and your loved one's prison.
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Shaping the way prison visits are run

Wherever possible, we want the people who use our services to have a say in the way that those services are run. As part of this, many of our prisons run Family Forums that allow family, friends and other loved ones to shape the way that prison visits are run.

The forums provide families with the opportunity to shape not only the services that Pact provides but also the broader prison environment, ensuring that it is as family-friendly as possible.

The forums are generally held every six months, although this will vary from prison to prison. You’ll need to give up a bit of time to attend the session and be ready to share your views in a constructive way with Pact and prison staff, as well as other people who visit the prison.

What’s in it for me?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider joining

  • An opportunity to create a more ‘family-friendly’ environment that makes the visiting process as welcoming and accessible as possible
  • Becoming a part of changing your loved one's experience of prison in a positive way
  • Meeting other people who are in the same situation as you.

Some of our prisons have benefitted from additional funding to run family forums. These are Swansea (funded by the National Lottery Community Fund) and Ranby, Gartree and Leicester (funded by Sony Music UK)

If you’d be interested in joining a Family Forum, you can find contact details for Pact staff at your prison by going to the ‘Your Prisons’ page.