Family engagement support
Pact is the official Family Services provider at 62 prisons. We support prisoners to stay in touch with their families, supporting the delivery of safer prisons and reducing reoffending.
Family Engagement Support (1)

People in prison who maintain regular contact with family or loved ones are 39% less likely to reoffend.

Keeping families together

We work with prisoners and their loved ones to support their health and wellbeing and to build and maintain their relationships. We also support prisoners who have limited or no social contact. This service is proven to reduce the risk of self-harm, violence and disruptive behaviour and the risk of reoffending. 

One-to-one casework 

Our family engagement service is a core aspect of our work. An evaluation of this service by Cambridge University found that specialised casework was particularly successful in: 

  • Dealing with complex family contact issues, often involving child protection concerns
  • Encouraging and enabling prisoners with children to maintain their parenting role from prison
  • Improving family relationships and providing hope - both about progress through a long sentence and about life after release
  • Improving the emotional wellbeing of service users and motivating compliance with the prison regime.
  • Gaining the trust of service users and the respect of other professionals.  

WATCH: Joana, our Family Engagement Manager at HMP Wormwood Scrubs, explains how she works with prisoners and their loved ones to maintain family ties through difficult times.

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