CFO Activity Hubs

CFO Hubs aim to provide a safe space for people released from prison to build healthier, more stable, and fulfilling lives.
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What support is offered? 

Linking community engagement to activities with key support, the Hubs provide a space to learn, develop new skills and meet new people. At the Activity Hubs, Pact supports people who want to build and strengthen the relationships that matter to them. 

Pact delivers Relationship and Family Coaching at Hubs in the North East of England (Darlington, Middlesbrough and Durham) and the East of England and West Midlands (Nottingham, Leicester, Peterborough, Norwich, Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton and Birmingham). This coaching supports people to: 

  • Strengthen and develop healthier family and peer relationships 
  • improve relationship skills and capacity 
  • increase family commitment and stability 
  • increase the likelihood of living a crime-free life 

In the North East, Pact also delivers 'community capital' coaching to prepare people for volunteering/giving back to their community. The coaching ends with a Pact-coordinated 13-hour volunteering placement (e.g. volunteering in a charity shop, in a sports club or in a local garden) or activity (e.g. writing an Activity Hub newsletter, offering peer support or talking to students in a local University about their journey). 

This programme is funded by HM Prison & Probation Service Creating Future Opportunities (HMPPS CFO). HMPPS CFO is a resettlement support programme which delivers projects aimed at improving employability, which are seen as key to changing lives and reducing reoffending. To learn more about the work of HMPPS CFO, please visit

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