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Due to the restrictions put in place for us around the Coronavirus outbreak, Pact staff are not currently operating from prison premises. For the short term, Pact family support will be available by email and you can access this by contacting [email protected] If your issue is complex and you need to talk to us in person, please include your number in the email and tell us that you would like a callback - it would also be helpful if you could let us know whether we are able to leave a message if there is no answer - and we will aim to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. If you have urgent concerns about the welfare of your loved one in prison, please call the prison Safer Custody line directly.

HMP Long Lartin

This guide includes information that you may find useful for the duration of the time your family or friend is a resident at HMP Long Lartin. 

If you notice anything that is incorrect on this page, please contact us on [email protected]

Any further information can be found on the prison website at  or you can ring the main switchboard on 01386 295 100.

On 24th March 2020 the Government announced that all prison visits are temporarily cancelled until further notice. Read the full announcement here.

Remember, there are other ways to contact your loved ones:


You can also contact the Prisoners’ Families Helpline for advice and support on all aspects of the criminal justice system:

  • Call 0808 808 2003 (9am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm at the weekend)
  • Email the team on [email protected]

Fill in a contact form and request a call back at

If you are worried about your loved one while they are a resident at this prison, you can contact the Safer Custody team.


South Littleton
WR11 8TZ


Governor: Jamie Bennett

Pact Worker contact:   

Emergency contact:

Visitors’ Centre Telephone:                     

Visitors’ Centre Email: 

Visiting Times




14:00 – 16:15




14:00 – 16:15




14:00 – 16:00


14:00 – 16:00


Booking a visit:

All visits must be booked 72 hours in advance. Only those visitors whose details have been listed on the Prisoner’s Authorisation Contact List (as provided by the prisoner) and those whom are named on the booking will be allowed entry into the prison. 

Prison staff cannot add visitor(s) to a Prisoner’s Authorisation Contact List without the consent/authorisation of a Prisoner.

Adults and children must all have Identification; for more information regarding Identification, please see Identification Policy below.

To book your visit

Telephone: 01386295188 between the hours of 09:30-14:30 Mon – Fri


At your visit

Visits can be extremely emotional and the process can be confusing. All prisons have differing processes for making visits and also differing security checks.

Security checks

You may be required to have your finger or thumb prints scanned as part of a security check. You may also have an iris scan.

Sometimes you will be sniffed by security dogs. Make sure you wear clothes that are not contaminated by any form of drug as you will be returned to the Visitors’ Centre and will not be able to have your visit. You may also be searched by a prison officer (of the same gender).

During your visit, officers will be with you throughout and will open and lock doors in front of and behind you at all stages.

Identification Policy

For all visits you will need to take secure self- identification e.g. passport, citizen documentation, driving licence and a household bill as proof of address. In most cases you will need two forms of documentation.

If you do not have a passport or driving license you can order a citizen ID card that you can use. You can find out more here

Children’s Identification Policy

Birth certificate



The above all accepted forms of ID for Children.

If the prisoner is subject to child restrictions the prisoner must apply for permission to have visits from children.

Dress code

This information notice is to advise visitors of the acceptable standards of dress when visiting at HMP Long Lartin.  Visitors to HMP Long Lartin must be dressed appropriately at all times, this reflects our aim to create a family atmosphere as part of the reducing re-offending and decency agenda. This instruction applies to all visitors to the establishment regardless of age and gender.  Please note, if you are unable to meet the requirements of this dress code on arrival you may not be permitted to enter the establishment until you have changed into appropriate alternative clothing.

 The following types of clothing are not permitted:

  •  Any clothing that is deemed inappropriate for a family environment
  • Headwear (other than for religious purposes).
  • Clothing that displays offensive material.
  • No footwear with protective toecaps or flip flops / Sliders

All clothing should be of a type which would allow staff to carry out the required levels of searching without difficulty.

In addition to the above, the following items will not be allowed into the establishment:

  • Any clothing fitted with large buckles, spikes, chains and/or excessive amounts of zips.
  • Belts with large buckles.
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Handkerchiefs (tissues are available in the Visits hall).
  • Watches
  • Excessive jewellery or any piercings which cannot be easily shown to searching staff.

Locker facilities are located in the Visitors Centre for outer garments and personal effects. Visitors are reminded that staff are required to search visitors as a condition of entry and that all visits take place at the discretion of the Duty Governor.

What can I bring in for my children?

Nappies, wipes and sealed bottles of baby food are allowed to be taken in to the visits hall these must be kept within bags that are provided in the visit centre.

Food and drink

Hot and Cold drinks are available, Fruit and Sealed snacks such are available as well as options for Gluten free.

Baguettes are available during midweek visits.

Visitors are allowed to take £20 per visitor and this needs to be in coinage, a small amount of coinage can be exchanged on site.

If you would like to know more specific information on what you can bring, please contact the prison directly on the details at the top of the page.


You cannot give money to the prisoner during a visit. All money for prisoners must be posted in. Cheques or Postal Orders must be made payable to “The Governor”, and the prisoners’ name and prison number must be written on the back, as well as the name and address of the sender.

In order to be able to establish when the money arrived at the Prison, it is always safest to post the money via either Special or Recorded Delivery. This will also assist should the money go astray.

Money can also be sent electronically following the instructions on the government website : you will need to know the indivduals prison number.

Banned items

Do not attempt to bring any of the following into prison during your visit:

  • illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • weapons
  • a camera
  • a mobile phone
  • indecent or obscene material
  • material that threatens the security of the prison
  • material that is written in code

If you are unsure what you can bring, contact the prison directly.

Financial Assistance for Visits

If you are on a low income or receive benefits you may be entitled to financial assistance for the cost of visiting your relative in prison. Help is provided by the Assisted Prison Visits Unit (APVU). Click here for more information.

Keeping in touch


To speak to a prisoner on the phone, the prisoner has to call you using a prison phone.

Prison staff can listen to and record most types of call. Some calls aren’t monitored, for example when a prisoner calls a legal adviser.


Letters to prisoners should be addressed to: 

(Prisoners name and prison number) 

(Prison address)

You must write your own name and address on the back of the envelope or it will not be delivered to the prisoner.

If you do not know the prisoners’ prison number, please address the envelope as above with the prisoner’s date of birth next to his name.

No Letters should be sent in a ‘Jiffy bag’ or padded envelope, these will be rejected and returned to sender.


Sending Property to a Prisoner

All prisoners are able to buy the items that they want/need through the approved suppliers, whose catalogues are available in the Prison.

If a prisoner requires clothing for any exceptional reason then he can apply for this on his residential wing.

Books and magazines can be given to the prison staff in the Visit Centre and after being processed will be given to the prisoner.

Further Information

If you are worried about your loved one while they are a resident at this prison, you can contact the Safer Custody team on 0800 4961455.

You may be asked to leave a voicemail. Please make sure you include:

  • Your name.
  • The reason that you are calling.
  • The name of your family member/friend (and their prison number if you know it).
  • Your telephone number (so that the prison can call you back).


Please wait at least 24 hours for a call back before contacting the prison again.


If you are worried that your loved one is at immediate risk please call the Prisoners’ Families Helpline on 0808 808 2003 (from 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 3pm Saturday and Sunday).