Broadcasting A Message Of Hope



Broadcasting a message of hope

The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact) is sharing a message of hope with prisoners and their families this weekend through a special show to be broadcast on National Prison Radio.

Themed around the question, ‘Where do you find hope?’ the 40-minute radio programme will feature a powerful interview with a former prisoner who returned to faith, along with music, prayer and a reading from the Gospel. Archbishop John Wilson, Pact’s Vice President, will provide a moving reflection on hope.

The one-off show, curated by Pact’s Chief Executive, Andy Keen-Downs, will also premiere a unique recording by Roger McGough, one of Britain’s best-loved poets and current presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Poetry Please’. McGough’s work, ‘Everything Touches’, which was originally commissioned as a modern hymn, has been rewritten and set to music for Pact’s radio programme:

Let me breathe says the mountain
Set me free says the ocean
Keep me pure says the fountain
Let me be says the tree
Hand in hand everything touches
Everything touches LOVE touches me

Talking about the broadcast, Andy Keen-Downs said, “Pact’s message of hope has never been more important. As we look forward to easing lockdown in our communities, we must remember the people for whom lockdown will remain a daily reality. We must take time to reflect on how we, as individuals, as a Church and as a community, are serving those who so often find themselves on the margins of society. We encourage people of all faiths and none to hear our message of hope and join us in marking Prisoners’ Sunday: a day of prayer and action for prisoners and their families.”

Prisoners’ Sunday – this year on 11 October – marks the start of the ecumenical Prisons Week, a national week of prayer and action to raise awareness of the issues faced by people affected by the criminal justice system.

'Where do you find hope?' is due to be broadcast on National Prison Radio on July 12. To find out more about Prisoners’ Sunday and stay up-to-date with how you can mark the day, sign up to our Fresh Start newsletter.