Join Pact's New Support Group For Young People With A Loved One In Prison



Join Pact's new support group for young people with a loved one in prison

If you are aged 14 to 17 and with a loved one in prison, Pact can support you.

We’re launching Weekly Peer Group Support sessions via chat/video specifically for young people affected by imprisonment. These small-group sessions will offer support and understanding and a chance to meet people of a similar age going through similar experiences.

Every young person in the group will be there because they have of a loved one in prison or the criminal justice system. Trained Pact staff/volunteers will be on hand to offer guidance and help to find further support if you need it.

Sometimes, you might just want to listen. Sometimes, you might say something to support someone else. One day, you might want to share some of your story - take things at your own pace.

The Peer Group Support sessions are free and confidential. You don’t have to use your real name in the group. Pact won't share anything you tell us unless there is a safety risk to you or someone else and we'll talk to you about this first. Parents/carers have to give consent for members to join the group, but they won't be involved, and we ask them to be in a different room while you take part.

Find out more 

If you want more information about the Weekly Peer Support Group please email:

We'll arrange a video call to answer any questions you might have and arrange a date to join your first session. 

You can also find online resources and information specifically for young people affected by imprisonment on our website.

Are you a parent/carer or professional working with young people?

Please share details of the new support group with young people who might find this useful or get in touch with us to learn more.

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