Pact CEO Responds To HMP Wandsworth Urgent Notification (1)


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Pact CEO responds to HMP Wandsworth Urgent Notification

The recent inspection of Wandsworth prison presents a disturbing picture. It describes men confined for more than 22 hours a day in often intolerable conditions, with rates of self-harm and suicide unacceptably high. Chief Inspector of Prisons Charlie Taylor is right that this situation cannot continue.

Our work at Wandsworth includes providing HMPPS-commissioned family services, supporting Oxleas, the healthcare provider, and partnering with NHS London to involve families and carers in the delivery of prison healthcare. We offer HMPPS our full support in efforts to improve standards in the prison, keep men safe, and help them turn their lives around. We look forward to working with the prison's new Governor to address the challenges and ensure better outcomes for the men and their children and families.

Andy Keen-Downs, CEO

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