Pact CEO's Response To HMI Probation Annual Report


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Pact CEO's response to HMI Probation annual report

The Chief Inspector of Probation has today published his annual report. He concludes that the Probation Service is ‘struggling’ and that the level of supervision of people on probation is not what it should be. In response to the report Andy Keen-Downs, Pact CEO said:

“This is a disappointing report that sets out the real challenges facing the Probation Service. As is the case with prisons, short staffing again sits at the root of many of the problems. Day in day out, many thousands of Probation staff do incredible work to support prison leavers to make a fresh start. However, this report reveals that short staffing is placing huge pressure on them as well as preventing the service from achieving its broader objectives to reduce reoffending and keep the public safe.

“The report also reveals the lack of support that people on probation get in a range of areas, including support with finding a home, getting help with drug and alcohol misuse and family relationships.

“Family in particular has a crucial role to play in helping people to make a fresh start and all the research shows that people who stay in touch with family are much less likely to reoffend. Yet just one in five men and one in four women on probation are getting the right level of support. If we are serious about reducing reoffending, cutting crime and delivering safer communities for everyone, this must be addressed.”