Pact CEO's Response To HMIP 'Weekends In Prison' Report


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Pact CEO's response to HMIP 'Weekends in Prison' Report

In response to the Chief Inspector of Prisons report about weekends in prison, Andy Keen-Downs, Chief Executive of Pact (the Prison Advice and Care Trust), said: 

“This is a deeply worrying report that paints a stark picture of prisons at weekends." 

“Keeping people locked up in their cells for 21 hours a day can have a devastating impact on their health, putting lives at risk and hampering efforts to deliver prisons that are safe and decent."

“It also undermines the Government’s efforts to reduce reoffending. People who are released without the right skills and support are more likely to reoffend and to end up back at square one."

“The Government urgently needs a credible plan to deal with staff shortages. You can’t run safe, decent prisons for seven days a week without enough confident, professional, experienced staff.”