Pact’S Amazing Supporters Bring Prisoners' Sunday To Life


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Pact’s amazing supporters bring Prisoners' Sunday to life

Prisoners’ Sunday is Pact’s national day of prayer and action in the Catholic Church. Each year on Prisoners’ Sunday, the Catholic Church encourages everyone to reflect on and pray for prisoners and their families.   

With the support and encouragement of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Pact invites parishes across England & Wales to draw alongside prisoners and their families in prayer and reflection at Mass, and to consider making a donation to support Pact’s work.  

Women and men in prison often tell us that it means a great deal to know that people are thinking of them and care about what happens to them.  

In more parishes and Cathedrals than ever before, Pact staff, volunteers and parish reps are speaking at Mass about what life is like for women and men in prison and their families as well as explaining Pact’s work. Churches belonging to other Christian traditions are also getting involved. 

Supporting people to make a fresh start 

In these especially challenging times, Pact CEO Andy Keen-Downs makes this appeal: ”The generous support of Catholic people has always been, and continues to be, hugely important to the charity. Behind all the news reports and politics, there are human beings struggling to make a fresh start.  

“Pact staff and volunteers, and so many others we work alongside, are changing and saving lives every day. The financial support Pact receives from our Prisoners’ Sunday appeal matters. Charitable grants are more challenging to secure than ever, and we depend on donations for much of our core activities.  

“Please encourage your parish, friends, and community to help Pact to support more prisoners and their families. Tell them about us. Please help us make this Prisoners’ Sunday collection the best ever.” 

In 2023, Prisoners’ Sunday is 8th October. Some parishes mark the day on a nearby Sunday. 

Across all the Christian traditions, 8th –14th October is Prisons Week