How we help - Christmas Challenge

Exciting news!  This year, Pact is again part of the Big Give campaign, to raise funds for our Emergency Welfare Fund. Our Big Give campaign has been running since midday on 28th November, and we are already over halfway towards our target! 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far - your gift means people leaving prison and their families get the practical help they need to make a fresh start. 

We have just under £7,000 in match-funding left to raise - can you help us reach our goal?

Pact's Big Give campaign - closing 12pm 5th December

You can support our Big Give campaign up until midday on Tuesday 5th December. Please visit the donation page here - Pact's Welfare Fund (

The Big Give campaign means that every donation we receive during this time will be doubled. If you can help us to reach our target, your gift will be worth twice as much. Every pound raised will be used specifically for our Welfare Fund to support prison leavers, and children and families affected by imprisonment. 

The Big Give is an online campaign and donations need to be paid via their platform between noon on 28th November and noon on 5th December. All donations must be received online during this time and will be doubled up to a maximum of £15,800. 

Our Welfare Fund helps tackle poverty and is typically used for emergency food and essential white goods. We never give people cash and everyone who benefits is known to our staff. The situations faced by prison-leavers and their families are often desperate, and the need is immense. 

John's story

John is a 45-year-old serving prisoner. His wife is very unwell and is awaiting a diagnosis for cancer, and their 13 year old daughter is helping to look after her. His daughter is autistic, and is receiving mental health support. His family are under huge financial and emotional pressure and are using a foodbank each month. John feels powerless while his wife struggles to make ends meet, and is very worried about her health, as well as the impact on his vulnerable daughter. 

A grant was submitted and approved for £200 in Tesco food vouchers. His wife was really grateful to be able to afford a big food shop and not have to worry about money for that month. John also felt that the was contributing something to his family, despite being in custody. Pact’s Welfare Fund was able to support John and his family at a time of dire need.

Pete’s story

Pete is a 32-year-old who recently left custody. He has a wife and 3 young children to return home to. As well as the obvious emotional impact she experienced, his wife had struggled while Pete was in prison, ending up on benefits and spending their savings.

Pete was worried about returning home with nothing and being a financial burden on his family, already enduring real hardship. Our Welfare Fund supported Pete and his family through a critical transition in their lives, providing a grant to buy clothes and other essentials while he looked for work.

Pete said: 

Thank you for your support and help! We managed to get all of the kids their uniforms and essentials for going back to school, and a food shop which kick-started the first few weeks of me being back home.

Can you help us?

Our Welfare Fund provides a vital lifeline for people leaving prison and re-entering the community, and for their loved ones.

Chris Dunne from Pact says: "We are absolutely blown away by the response to our Big Give campaign so far, and incredibly grateful for your support. so please take this opportunity to double the value of your donation!" 

If you can support our Big Give campaign or would like to find out more, please contact Chris Dunne here – [email protected]