Title Authors Date published


Nobody's Listening: what families say about prison healthcare

Polly Wright February 2023

A report presenting presents families’ insight into the impact of the criminal justice system on health and wellbeing.

Preventing Homelessness Among Former Prisoners in England and Wales

Melek Bozkina and Professor Nick Hardwick August 2021

A rapid review of the evidence, examining the link between street homelessness and prison leavers. Commissioned by Pact and funded by London Housing Foundation. 

Peer Support - a consultation with families of prisoners

Polly Wright May 2021

The findings of a consultation undertaken during the Covid-19 pandemic to develop Pact’s understanding and awareness about prisoners’ families’ perceptions of peer support.

Review of operational policy on pregnancy, Mother and Baby Units and maternal separation

Ministry of Justice July 2020 A summary of the Ministry of Justice review into Mother and Baby Units and the key reforms that will improve the support expectant and new mothers receive in prison.

Keeping People Safe in Prison: the Failure of Gateway Communications Systems

Pact, the Prison Reform Trust and INQUEST 31 October 2019 A joint report which maps the provision of safer custody telephone lines across the prison estate - dedicated phone lines which should enable family members and others to pass on information when they have significant concerns about the welfare of loved ones in prison.

The Importance of Strengthening Female Offenders' Family and other Relationships to Prevent Reoffending and Reduce Intergenerational Crime

Lord Michael Farmer 18th June 2019 Lord Farmer's review into what works for women in prison and their families.

The Golden Thread

Dr Lucy Wainwright and Paula Harriott on behalf of the Prison Reform Trust July 2018 An update on At The End of The Line (see below April 17), evaluating the Pact helpline

Hear Our Voice Evaluation

Dr Carlie Goldsmith February 2018 An evaluation of Pact's Comic Relief funded Hear Our Voice project supporting children and young people with a parent in prison.

Hear Our Voice Recommendations

Pact, with support from the Children's Rights Alliance for England January 2018 Recommendations for action
to safeguard children affected by the arrest & imprisonment
of family members

Evaluation of Pact's Supporting Young Fathers in prison project

Dr Pamela Ugwudike from the Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology, University of Southampton November 2017 An evaluation of Pact's working supporting young fathers in prison

Evaluation of Pact's Visiting Mum Scheme

Dr Alyson Rees, Dr Eleanor Staples and Dr Nina Maxwell, Cardiff University September 2017 An evaluation of Pact's Visiting Mum scheme at Eastwood Park prison.

The Importance of Strengthening Prisoners' Family Ties to Prevent Reoffending and Reduce Intergenerational Crime

Lord Farmer August 2017 A review of what works in reducing reoffending and intergenerational offending.
At the end of the line Dr Carlie Goldsmith  April 2017 An independent evaluation of the Pact Helpline
Collateral Damage: An inquiry into the impact of police home raids on the children and siblings of offenders in England. Jo Tilley-Riley November 2016 This report examines the impact that police home raids have on children. 
Bridging the Gap: A review of the Pact Family Engagement Service Dr Jane Dominey, Charlotte Dodds MPhil and Dr Serena Wright. Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge August 2016 This report examined the impact that Pact's Family Engagement Service has on well-being in prison, desistence, and family relationships as well as violence and behaviour during imprisonment.
BaCC Theory of Change Report Dr Jenny Rouse and Rose Maguire from New Economics Foundation April 2014 An evaluation which specifically focuses on the Basic Caring Communities (BaCC) programme and how it impacts ex-offenders.
Key Lessons from the Integrated Family Support Services Dr. Finola Farrant of University of Roehampton July 2013 An assessment focusing on how Integrated Family Support Services improve outcomes for prisoners and their families
Economic study of Integrated Family Support Programme (IFS) Ben Estep and
Natalie Nicholles of the New Economics Foundation
June 2012 An assessment focusing on the economic impact of the work carried out by the Integrated Family Support Programme on behalf of prisoners and their families.
Family Support Project Evaluation Summary Barefoot Research and Evaluationand University of Roehampton June 2012 An evaluation of the first 12 months of the Integrated Family Support project which presents the emerging findings from across the service, providing evidence of the impact of the work to date.
Troubled Families Pact June 2012 Briefing paper focusing on troubled families affected by imprisonment.
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pact’s Kinship Care Support Service at HMP Holloway Professor Gwyneth Boswell and Maxine Wood October 2011 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pact’s Kinship Care Support Service at HMP Holloway.
Protecting the children of prisoners Pact January 2011 A report highlighting concerns that up to 6,000 children a year are being forgotten by the system when their mother is sent to prison.
Prison Based Family Support Professor Gwyneth Boswell, Dr. Fiona Poland, and
Avril Price
August 2010 An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Family Support Worker role piloted in four English prisons during 2009-10
Family Futures - Pact's resettlement pilot project at Wormwood Scrubs Pact 2008 This review focuses on a pilot project initiated by pact in partnership with London Probation and HMP Wormwood Scrubs, which
ran from 2005 to 2007.
There When You Need Them Most: Pact's First Night in Custody Services Jessica Jacobson and Kimmett Edgar with Nancy Loucks of the Prison Reform Trust (PRT) 2007 This report presents the findings of the PRT review into Pact's First Night in Custody services, and includes recommendations for the development of the first night service.