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Women Flip the Script is a combination of audio and written material created in collaboration between:

It's an exciting resource for women living in the community who have had some interaction with the criminal justice system, combining personal testimonies with practical tips, advice and peer support. All of the audio was recorded by women on their mobile phones, capturing moments as they happened - with no script and no rehearsals.

Each Women Flip the Script episode covers a theme identified by the women we worked with. There is also a bonus fifth episode, which includes stories shared by women. Each episode is available to listen to as a podcast or read as a transcript.

To order printed copies of the transcripts, or if you have any problems with listening or downloading any of the files, please get in touch.

Episode 1: Relationships

Credits: Quincas Moreira, Text Me Records / Grandbankss, Lady Unchained, Public Memory, Chris Haugen, Maya Angelou, Bruno E., R.LUM.R, Saidbysed, The Grand Affair.

Episode 2: Housing & Finance

Credits: Quincas Moreira, Zena, DivKid, Saidbysed, The Grand Affair.

Episode 3: Mental Health

Credits: Quincas Moreira, DivKid, Donna Walton, Slynk, Vibe Tracks, Puddle of Infinity, Lauren Duski, Lish Grooves, Density & Time, The Grand Affair.

Episode 4: Services

Credits: Quincas Moreira, Donna Walton, Loopop, Density & Time, Endless love, LATASHÁ, The Grand Affair.

Episode 5: Journeys (Bonus Episode)

Credits: Quincas Moreira, DivKid, Saidbysed, Donna Walton, E's Jammy Jams, The 126ers, Silent Partner, The Grand Affair.

If you have any comments or questions about Women Flip the Script, or for more information about the project, please get in touch.