How do I send money to a prisoner?

You can send a cheque or postal order and write the prisoners' name and prison number on the back. Most prisons have their own bank accounts an ask for cheques/postal orders to be made payable to 'HM Prison Service' or 'The Governor'. Call the prison directly beforehand to check which system they use. 

The money will be transferred into the prisoners' personal account. The amount of spending money the prisoner is allowed each week will depend on whether they are on remand or convicted, and the privilege level they are on.

How can a prisoner get money to buy food in the canteen?

Prisoners taking part in work or education are paid a weekly amount which varies according to the job or course they are doing. This, any money that they had with them on arrival to prison, and money they have been sent by family and friends, is held by the prison in a personal account. The amount they can spend weekly varies according to their privilege and if they are convicted or on remand. The standard weekly allowance for a convicted prisoner is £15. 

If the prisoner is transferred to another prison will their money and property go with them?

Yes. This will be transferred to their account within a day or so.

Will the prison provide clothes and toiletries?

Yes. If there is no requirement to wear a prison uniform and the prisoner does not have suitable clothes, the prison is obliged to provide enough clean clothes in reasonable condition. This includes underwear and socks, as well as basic toiletries. Many prisons will provide this as part of a reception pack. It will also be possible to buy more from the prison shop or canteen. 

How much property is someone allowed to keep?

Prisoners are usually allowed to keep about six cubic feet of property (two large boxes) plus one outsize item such as a sound system. A small number of prisons allow people serving long sentences to keep pet birds. There are some restrictions on property depending on the prison, e.g. glass picture frames and certain radios may be prohibited.