Today we recognise the devastating impact that crime can have on victims and their families. We remember all those affected through the following dedicated prayer: 

God of Hope, be present with all those who have become the victims of crime. Pour out your Holy Spirit into lives broken and distorted by the actions of others. Surround those in distress with your love, and the love of friends and family. Restore strength and confidence, build resilience, bring healing and peace as they press on, and out of sorrow bring joy.  Lord, in hope we turn to you. 

Reducing crime and minimising the harm caused to society is at the heart of Pact's work. Our programmes aim to reduce reoffending and to rebuild family relationships. It's statistically proven that maintaining relationships while in prison means a prisoner is 39% less likely to reoffend upon release. We will continue this work across the country so together we can build safer communities for the future. We press on - together, in hope.