Prison Family & Visitors’ Centres

Pact manages Family and Visitors’ Centres at prisons across England and Wales.
Family & Visitors Centre

Supporting families and visitors

While every Centre is different, our teams provide consistent support for family members, friends and visitors. This includes emotional and practical support before and after your visit, and additional reassurance if it is your first visit or you are particularly anxious about going through the gate.

We can also offer guidance and resources around:

  • Travel and transport

  • Financial assistance for prison visits

  • Signposting to Pact services and other helpful organisations

  • Supporting children and young people affected by imprisonment

  • Raising concerns or making a complaint

We offer an inclusive service that is culturally sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of prisoners and visitors.

Our staff team also act as a vital support point for visitors where the visit has not gone well, or they have concerns about the prisoner. Our staff can then liaise with Safer Custody and other teams within the prison where concerns over prisoner safety are shared.

Pact works closely alongside the prison to provide staff and resources to ensure visitors can access all the information they need in accessible formats. We also provide toys and activities for children to make the visiting process more enjoyable.

Get in touch with your local team

You can find details about your Family & Visitors’ Centre and how to get in touch with the Family Services team on our Prison Visitors' Guides pages.

Your feedback is vital in helping us to develop our services. If you would like to make a comment or raise a complaint about a Visitors’ Centre or any of our services, you can submit an online form or contact us at