One to one Mentoring

Pact’s youth workers are on hand to provide information, give support or simply have a chat. This mentoring can take place either at school, a local café, or somewhere you feel comfortable.

Things have been better now I have my youth worker from Pact. I can talk to her about anything or how I’m feeling. It helps me in general, at school and my relationships – especially with my Mum. Having my youth worker means I can tell her things so that they don’t build up and blow up inside me…. When I’m with my youth worker we do activities, that helps me deal with things.

Youth groups

Come along to one of our youth groups, where you can meet others in a similar situation, have a chat and take part in a range of activities including film making and photography, graffiti art and comic book making. 

Days out

Enjoy a day out with other young people who can relate to you. This could be bowling, the cinema or a trip to the seaside.

Teenager Family Visits

Pact can be on hand to offer support during a family visit. In some prisons we also run teenager prison visits, where you can get quality time with your family member and enjoy fun activities.

My favourite activity was the one where you had to stick stuff on the sheet to show what makes your family special. It was good to see my Dad and spend time with him without my younger brother being there.

If you are interested in any of the above, please call 0808 808 3444 for free or email