We were pleased to read the feedback on our Family Engagement staff from mothers in prison who were interviewed for the recently released report "Short but not sweet: a study of the impact of short custodial sentences on mothers and their children," carried out by Lucy Baldwin and Rona Epstein.

The report, which was published in association with The Oakdale Trust, De Montfort University Leicester and Coventry University, highlighted the ripple effect that short custodial sentences have on families, and the harmful effect that the resulting separation can have on children. As part of the study, 17 women were interviewed who had served between 2- 23 weeks, none for offences involving violence, some for first offences, and who between them had left a total of 50 children behind.

We were pleased to read that Pact "received glowing and consistently positive feedback" from the mothers who had engaged with our staff, with several women saying that Pact had been instrumental in assisting them with maintaining contact with their children.

One woman said:

If it wasn’t for Pact I wouldn’t have seen [my children] at all.

The report made a number of recommendations for how mothers in prison can be better supported, and how the criminal justice system can improve to ensure women and their families have their voices heard. 

To read the report in full, please click here