Supply chain opportunities
Supply Chain

Commissioning the expertise of specialist partners ensures high-quality, accessible, and responsive services for the people we support.

Pact has a history of subcontracting with partner organisations to ensure local relationships and secure the best possible delivery. 

Over the past ten years, Pact has subcontracted with various partners across its Family Services and Family Engagement provision. Examples include working over several years with Nepacs at Low Newton and previously POPs at Styal to develop a pan-women’s estate family support and resettlement partnership; subcontracting to Lincolnshire Action Trust at HMP Stocken, building on their existing relationships and infrastructure; and developing innovative programmes such as our Visiting Mum service with Sova (now CGL).

If you are a specialist provider working within the justice sector, particularly with marginalised service user cohorts, you can get in touch at

Case studies: specialist partnerships

Identifying barriers for minority communities 

Pact commissioned Zahid Mubarek Trust (ZMT) to conduct community consultations with Muslim families at HMP Cardiff to identify barriers to visiting their loved ones in prison, alongside our own consultation with Muslim prisoners. 

Pact and ZMT identified perceptual, cultural and experiential barriers, and we were then able to provide analysis and feedback to inform Wales’s national criminal justice sector strategy and service delivery. 

Ensuring culturally competent service delivery 

Pact worked with Spark2Life to support culturally-competent service delivery at HMP YOI Isis. We developed materials, staff training, toolkits, and a more representative and relatable Volunteer Visitor and Mentoring Scheme. The collaboration ensured the service reflected the disproportionately (almost 50%) young black male population.

Zahid Mubarak Trust Partnership