Meet Christine

Meet Christine, a Family Support volunteer

"Volunteering for Pact has been one of the most rewarding things. Seeing that you are making a difference to someone just by being friendly, kind and empathetic makes time spent there worthwhile. 

Visitors come to the Centres, and sometimes this may be their first time at that prison or any prison, which is daunting. Some may be at a very low point, anxious, or even scared; kind words and reassurance can mean the difference between a good visit and a great one. 

I will always ask if they have been before, and if they haven't, talk them through the process and what to expect and then it is always so lovely to speak to them after and see them smile and have that look of relief on their face. 

Working with the service users in the Tea bars is also very rewarding. You are able to teach them small skills they may not have before, and they feel they have achieved something. 

I thoroughly enjoy meeting the visitors at HMP YOI Aylesbury YOI and HMP The Mount as they are all so diverse, exciting and just in need of a kind word, a smile and reassurance, which goes a long way for them. For me, I really feel like I am giving something back."