A Mothers’ Story: HMP Eastwood Park

"I am serving a 3 year sentence at HMP Eastwood Park. I wasn’t expecting to come here straight from court, so that morning, when I said goodbye to my 2 year old son and told him I would see him later, I had no idea that I wouldn’t be coming home. I was very lucky that my mum was caring for him while I was in court.

Two days after I arrived at Eastwood Park I saw my Pact worker, Charlotte. I was scared and missing my son, so Charlotte organised a call so I could speak to my mum and my son and find out how they were doing. I was delighted to hear that they were OK.

My mum and I both wanted her to continue caring for my son while I was in prison and Charlotte organised a call between myself and my social worker so I could tell them how I felt.

Now my mum is applying for a Residency Order for my son and I’m really happy with this decision. Charlotte was able to sort out financial support for my mum which was a huge relief, as caring for my son comes with extra financial responsibilities and she was struggling.

My son has visited twice so far and I’ve loved being able to see him. Whenever I need any help or advice I ask to see Charlotte. I don’t know who would have helped me if she wasn’t here."

Other feedback from service users about our people

"Overall I think the Pact team are lovely and very friendly, they give me advice and help if needed, and do a brilliant job"

"Children love this play with their dad and there is so much to do"

 Pact Visit services

"We all got to play and enjoy time together as a family and make things seem a little normal"

"We can interact and its more personal. We can spend more quality time with each other as a family"      

Child centred visit to prison

"This is the first family day I have attended. It was brilliant, food was included and my child reconnected with her dad. More days like this please"

"Its been wonderful to be able to bond with my family. Thank you"

Family day visit to prison

"Very professional with the way we were treated"

"[they] made me feel welcome"

"The staff are really friendly and helpful"

"Treated very well (polite & caring) "                                                                                                 

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