Volunteers have a huge part to play in supporting those tied up in criminal justice in the UK. Whether you choose to donate your time to support people who have committed offences, or their parent or child, your compassion, skills and empathy can make the world of difference.

Our volunteers support people who are often shunned by society; people who are vulnerable, marginalised and unheard. Our volunteers enable people to feel their innate value and worth and help them to see that life can be different for them and for those that they care about.

Pact supports people right across England and Wales, and the scope and variety of work we do simply would not be possible without our volunteers. Like our staff, volunteers do not just ‘help’; they empower, enable and support. We believe in the dignity and value of every person, and our volunteers demonstrate that through their time and concern for the people they are supporting, whether in prison or in the community.

Join us, and help change someone’s life.

There are lots of way you can get involved; from mentoring and befriending, from working with families on the helpline to supporting individuals inside prison. Take a look at the volunteering opportunities we currently have available.