If your family member has been arrested, then they will be taken to the police station and will be asked questions to find out whether they broke the law. The police will look after them and will follow rules about how to interview them. They can get free help and advice at the police station. You won’t be able to visit your family member at the police station. After the interview, the police will need to decide if there is enough evidence to show that they broke the law – if they think that there is, then your family member will go to court.

The court date could be the next day, or it could be some months away. Your family member usually will be able to come home whilst they wait to go to court, but there may be some rules that they have to follow. Sometimes they are not allowed to come home before going to court, and instead have to stay in prison until they go to court. If so, you will be able to visit them in prison.