The Family Literacy in Prisons (FLiP) course supports parents to play a more active role in developing their children’s literacy using simple, everyday practices. The course was developed in collaboration with Professor Cathy Nutbrown, the UK’s leading academic expert on family learning from the University of Sheffield. We hold the exclusive UK license to deliver FLiP in the justice sector. 

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Stronger bonds with their children.
  • A better understanding of the importance of literacy and children’s early development.
  • Improved confidence in parenting skills.

This is a prison-based course run by Pact facilitators trained by the University of Sheffield. It is typically structured around a one-day workshop, followed by a child-centred visit.

During the workshop, the parents are introduced to the ORIM framework (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Modelling). Stages of children’s literacy development are explained and they discuss the importance of their role as parents in contributing to their children’s learning. In the afternoon, parents choose a book that they will gift to each child attending the visit, and discuss the planned activities.

At the child-centred visit that follows, parents are able to put into practice the skills they have learned and engage in fun educational activities with their children including:

  • Storytelling
  • Puppet and mask making
  • Painting and drawing
  • Writing and drawing
  • Logo quiz
  • Writing a story together

This (course) is brilliant. It’s making him realise being a dad is so important and that when he comes out he needs to stop offending to be around for his kid.

Quote from a prisoner's wife who participated in the course

See FLiP in action

To see what a FLiP Family Day in action and hear directly from prisoners, their children and families who have participated in the course, watch our film below.